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Introduction to Atkins

The history of The Atkins Diet goes back to the Dr. Atkins' theory that over-consumption of and hypersensitivity to carbohydrates is the root of our problem with being overweight. The principle he based his plan on says that it is the way your body processes the carbohydrates you eat -- not how much fat you eat -- that causes you to gain weight. While most diet experts say that not everyone who has a weight problem is insulin resistant, Atkins says it is more likely than not.

It's working

By reducing one's intake of carbohydrates to less than 50 grams a day, one will enter a metabolic process called ketosis, which is nothing but a state in which one's body will start burning the fat to provide energy. Atkins also says that ketosis will affect insulin production which will prevent more fat from being formed.

The Phases

The Atkins Diet comprises of the 4 stages: induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and maintenance.

Induction is executed in the first fortnight of the plan, during which according to Atkins you can lose up to 15 pounds. This rapid weight loss is due to ceasing the intake of carbs to just 20 grams a day. You are limited to three cups per day. Forget about fruit and starchy vegetables like potatoes. If you consume alcoholic beverages or coffee, you better bid "sayonara" to those as well.

During ongoing weight loss, you can increase your carb intake by 5 grams. You will eventually reach a high and the again have to curb off the carb again.

In pre-maintenance, weight loss will happen gradually and you will be able to test certain foods to see if they could be added in your diet without resulting in weight gain.

Then the maintenance stage is there, when you may introduce some more carbs into your diet? of course not by adding the bad ones, as they will be resulting in the bringing back the weight again.

Atkins Dia-Circ 60Tabs

Atkins Dia-Circ 60Tabs

Helps maintain overall circulatory health Horse chestnut and ginkgo biloba provide circulatory support, helpful to the extremities Pantothenic acid helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins Poor circulation can hamper the ability to maintain an active, controlled-carb lifestyle. Atkins Dia-CircTM is a nutritionally balanced formula that supports overall circulatory health. Dia-CircTM is enriched with nutritionally supportive ingredients such as horse chestnut, ginkgo biloba, vitamin C and pantothenic acid. Horse chestnut and ginkgo biloba are known to promote healthy circulation, helpful to the extremities. Vitamin C not only provides powerful antioxidant protection, but also helps to maintain healthy collagen and elastin, the main components of blood vessels and connective tissues. And pantothenic acid helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This specialized formula provides targeted circulatory support for a lifetime of well-being. Dia-CircTM is recommended for all phases of the Atkins Nutritional ApproachTM. Includes 60 tablets per bottle. This product is intended solely to meet the nutritional needs of diabetics that may exist as a consequence of the disease and not to treat or mitigate the disease itself.

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